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What are the brand sportswear

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
Most often we hear of sportswear brand is Nike, adidas, li ning, peak and so on, but you really understand the sportswear brand? In other words you know what are the brand sportswear? Followed below small make up together to understand understand! ! ! ! What are the brand clothes? ( Sport suit group) The international line sportswear brand: Nike ( nike) , adidas, adidas) , reebok, Reebok) , puma, puma) , fila ( FILA) , mizuno, 美津浓) , umbro ( UMBRO) And capa ( Kappa) , dia, DIADORA) , happy way ( 洛托) , Jordan - 约旦) And converse ( 交谈) And so on. Domestic line sportswear brand: li ning ( L - NING) , anta ( 安踏) , peak ( 峰) , Jordan, xtep ( tebu) , 361 degrees ( 361° ) , hongxing, ( erke) , noble bird, conway ( 南方) King, adidas and so on. Group-buying sportswear brand: in the field of sports, is one specialized is engaged in the apparel group company, founded in 1997, for the team to provide sports clothes, play games ceremony, outdoor expansion, the company is the best choice for tourism, and other team sports clothes. Above is the answer about what sportswear brand, is one of the more full of. Relevant recommendations: guangzhou sportswear unlined upper garment customization
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