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What keeps Vladimir Putin warm in icy Russia?

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
Svinsson suspects that this particular order must have been prepared for the president.
A year later, when his business partners inadvertently pointed out, \"By the way, we have customized the jacket for President Putin, which proves his correctness.
\"For more than 100 years, svinson\'s family has harvested and cleaned the rare and expensive ducks carefully collected from the nest of Arctic eider ducks, which are discarded by them and used as nests
Line up in the cold winter.
Valuable materials-
Especially for those who live or travel to the Nordic countries, because even in stable cold weather, clothes lined with duck velvet can keep the body warm.
Special orders for presidential jackets include two kilograms of down jackets.
According to the market price, according to the customer\'s country, its cost may be between $24,000 and $39,000.
In Russia, for example, the retail price of clothing filled with duck-stuffed quilt is close to a lower range.
Perhaps that\'s why media reports say Putin\'s eider expansion jacket costs $15,000.
In contrast, it is now more common to have cheaper sources of down, which may involve a brutal lifestyle
When picking birds, the eiderdown harvesting method includes carefully and manually collecting them from the bird\'s nest when the birds leave the nest for their annual return to the ocean.
In addition to the expensive price, eiderdown is also known for its lightness and incredible softness (
Unlike the goose down taken from the whole body of the bird, the goose down of the eider only comes from the abdomen).
People don\'t need so much to be protected from bad weather. Just 150-
The 200 grams of duck cashmere layered inside the coat is enough to keep the body warm.
These jackets with little weight are sold in Moscow for a $3000.
As svinssonlam, there is no obvious visual difference between a cheap goose down jacket and a very expensive duck down jacket --
So it\'s tricky to pick the clothes of President Putin.
Svinsson said that although he had his own seafood skins made by the same manufacturer.
His model is one of their universal series.
Putin may be similar, he said.
The goose down jacket lacks unique visual features and can easily become a trading scam for marketing and manufacturers.
They can offer cheap quality at a higher price.
\"We have diamonds in our hands, but we just trade like stones,\" says Eder harvester . \".
In fact, the whole process from planting to harvesting is different.
The Eiderdown harvest is sustainable and ethical.
Goose and Duck are usually alive.
The Wrangler picks it himself, and then the harvester replaces it with dry hay, which will not cause any damage to the bird.
The Russian Empire used to harvest and manufacture duvets.
Provide light quilts, warm and light blankets for the coats of nobles and czars.
But in the early 20 th century, the industry was stagnant and now exists mainly as a niche product.
Today, one-bed Edelweiss can be purchased mainly through dealers in the luxury category, with an average price of $18,000 in Russia30,000.
Since then, Iceland has dominated the international market of iderdown.
It harvest the lightest and softest three tons in the world every year.
There is no hunting for eiders, which may be the reason why wild birds are still not afraid of humans and keep them close to the nest.
Jon did not brag about the president\'s orders.
He gets famous clients from time to time.
\"I don\'t think wealthy consumers around the world want to chase their buying patterns, or let the public notice personal purchases, and I don\'t think the Russians are any different, and President Putin is no exception.
\"Eiderdown is a material for a truly comfortable connoisseur, and its price is enough compared to the labor required to harvest and wash,\" concluded Jon . \".
In China, the live picking of ducks and geese has reached a large scale, where they are picked four times a year.
This cruelty is being widespread.
Criticized by animal protectionism and moral fashion activists.
As Jon said, the bad reputation of the car maker from time to time affects his trade.
\"There is no guarantee that the feathers in any down jacket will not be torn off by a screaming goose,\" said peta\'s ashley Fruno, deputy director of the organization\'s activities, in a statement against outdoor sports in Australia on the PETA website --
Kathmandu supplies company selling down jackets.
RSPCA\'s policy on Ducks
Production under ,(
Practice overseas)
It is pointed out that \"live picking is a serious problem of animal welfare and also a consumer of down products (e. g.
Jacket or down jacket)
Verification of down collection methods is strongly encouraged to ensure collection after slaughter.
\"At any time eager to create a photo opportunity to show his tenderness for fluffy animals, perhaps this time Mr Putin\'s chosen moral dress will leave a positive mark on the demand for this commodity.
In Russia, Western fashion is hard to achieve due to sanctions.
But in a country where buying fur coats is almost a ritual, demand for luxury brands will only grow.
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