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What sport texture

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
【 What are the quality of a material 】 sportswear When we buy clothes in addition to see the price and quality, also should be to choose according to the properties of fabric clothes, can't see the beautiful style, or we will buy cheaper, so the choose and buy sports clothes are not correct, or may not be suitable for sports wear, texture according to the clothes they choose sportswear is the most suitable, so what's the quality of clothes? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various? What are the quality of a material as well as the advantages and disadvantages of ( Badminton clothing customization) Sportswear commonly used fabrics mainly include: cotton, polyester, CVC etc. , to introduce these below small make up to introduce what are the strengths and weaknesses of the tracksuit material, in order to help people more easy to choose the suitable sports clothes. Pure cotton clothes made of advantages: cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances, around the fiber to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere, so the hygroscopicity are very strong; Because of the cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, heat conduction coefficient is very low, so good moisturizing effect; Pure cotton fabrics thermal performance is good, strong heat resistance; Cotton fiber on the alkali resistance; Natural health. Pure cotton clothes made of disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, not easy to manage, shrink, easy to deformation, durability, easy to fade, less volatile sweat after movement, resulting in a decline in body temperature, clothes stick skin tight, produce discomfort. Advantages of polyester uniforms texture: polyester fabric with high strength and elastic recovery ability; Polyester is the heat resistance of the best in synthetic fiber fabric; Polyester fabric has good light fastness; Polyester fabric of various chemical resistance is good. Polyester uniforms texture of faults: polyester fabric poor hygroscopicity, wearing a sense hot; Melt resistance of polyester fabric is poor, encounter the soot, Mars, easy to form holes; Friction produced electrostatic, dyeing performance is poorer. CVC sportswear texture of faults: good abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance, but because of polyester fiber are hydrophobic fiber, strong affinity for oil pollution, easy adsorption oil, electrostatic adsorption dust, and wearing process difficult to wash. What are the quality of a material that is about clothes they answer, what are the advantages and disadvantages respectively, and also introduced to this, are there any questions you choose clothes? Relevant recommendations: guangzhou sportswear unlined upper garment customization
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