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what the heacket? this heated jacket is the latest crowdfunding cautionary tale

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
Successful crowdfunding activities may not necessarily translate into successful businesses, because there are still many challenges to overcome when bringing new products to market.
Just ask the duo\'s \"Heacket\" product to cover first, when it launched Indiegogo last back in December 20. The high-
The tech jacket promises to keep the wearer warm at cold temperatures by using a small USB battery pack to power heating elements woven in textiles.
The idea is that skiers, snowboarders, climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts can stay outside for longer --
Stay Comfortable-
Thanks to the extra warmth of the jacket itself.
The game worked and Heacket continued to be a big success story, raising $289,000 in just a few weeks.
Necessary funding, the commitment of the two-person group fund-raising activities began to produce as soon as possible, the intention of the package coat from April 20.
But when it came again that month, no clothes were delivered and the red flag began to rise with supporters.
Soon, it became clear that there were some problems with the project, which eventually became another warning story for those considering supporting any crowdfunding effort.
A recent comment from one of the supporters summed up the overall feeling about the company: \"I didn\'t get anything but the hundreds of dollars of lies I gave them.
\"Delay, delay, delaysAfter\'s Indiegogo event in February 20, the Chinese team started the project to suspend everything before April.
At that time, they released an update again, indicating that they were facing some unforeseen manufacturing delays, but, they have overcome these obstacles and the first jackets are preparing for delivery.
An accompanying photo shows a pile of Heackets ready for shipment to eager supporters.
On April, a few weeks later, the next update brought bad news.
It is reported that a fire broke out at the DHL shipping center in Hong Kong, causing delays in the delivery of jackets.
Once again, the post is accompanied by a photo showing a small fire in a humble warehouse environment that may or may not belong to DHL.
The good news is that all Heackets escaped from the fire;
The team is hiring a new shipping agency, promising that all jackets will be shipped out in May.
A month later, when the team released the next status report, things seemed to improve.
They face some unexpected challenges again in transit, this time because the company sent a large number of battery packs to customers.
However, it seems that the situation has been resolved and supporters have been told that the new shipping agency is preparing to send all the jackets.
At that time, the delivery was only delayed for about a month and the customer was told \"there will be no further delay this time.
\"This is far from the facts.
Three months later, the next update, and in August 20, 17 years, the Heacket team found that the ship battery pack they needed for certification that they felt difficult passed through the air.
In response to this challenge, they decided to replace the jacket by sea.
It is reported that this will make the process easier, although it will cause delays again.
This time, supporters of the project began to worry about whether they would receive a commitment allowance to support crowdfunding activities.
Heacket customer support received hundreds of emails asking for updates, while others began to comment on the Indiegogo page to share their frustration and growing concerns
Some call the project a scam, while others continue to hope that they will eventually be rewarded with patience.
On October of 2017, the Heacket team announced that the jacket had finally started shipping.
The first shipment has been shipped and is now en route to the customer.
The company posted several messages on its Indiegogo page, apologizing to supporters and assuring them that their new warm jacket will arrive before winter.
Regular updates during the following two months indicate that more goods have been dispatched.
It seems that despite the long delay-which is not uncommon in crowdfunding projects-customers will eventually get Heacket.
But supporters are disappointed again.
Some customers shipped Heacket only to find that it is much smaller in size than advertised.
The jacket is usually too tight on the shoulder, the sleeves are too short, or too small to wear at all.
Later, it was revealed that when the jacket was put into production, the size was ultimately based on the common size in China, and it was hardly as large as the clothing sold in the United States. S. or Europe.
So far, things have become a complete disaster for the Heacket team.
They missed the promised shipping date six months ago and customers are getting angry.
Dozens of comments have been added to the Indiegogo page, with many supporters saying they haven\'t received the jacket yet, while others asking for a refund or exchange.
Some said they were disappointed with the quality of the building and suggested making jackets with inferior materials.
It was even said that after wearing a coat or two, the heating element stopped working. Double down? Really?
It seems that all of this is not enough, and the Heacket team made a puzzling decision to do a second Indiegogo campaign to raise money for another warm jacket.
This time, they called their product Outwarmer and promised it would be a major upgrade to Heacket.
Of course, the supporters of the original campaign were not too happy with the news, noting that many of them still did not receive the original orders.
To appease these customers, the team offered supporters of the original model $99 to upgrade to Outwarmer.
Some accepted the deal while others continued to be patient.
Many people continue to reiterate their discontent with the whole process and regularly comment on the Heacket Indiegogo page.
The Outwarmer crowdfunding campaign managed to achieve its modest goal, but only received a tenth of Heacket\'s cash a year ago.
To make matters worse, it seems to have been plagued by similar problems, delays in shipping, no jackets received by customers, and the coats were ultimately completely underestimated.
To be fair, it seems that more customers have received their coats, but the campaign is far from an exciting success story.
Attempts to reach out to anyone on the Heacket team to comment on the story proved futile, but when the jacket was first announced, the company was working with a Chinese market called Meltpartners Outdoors
We were able to get in touch with someone from the organization who confirmed that Heacket was their former client, but the contract between the two companies ended earlier this year.
The Meltpartners representative, who declined to be named, told us that the first 200 jackets were made in the right size, but everything after that was made in Chinese size specifications.
That\'s why so many customers receive coats that are too small and most customers don\'t have a chance to exchange or refund them now.
We were also told that the founder of Heacket was forced to sell his house and launch the Outwarmer Indiegogo campaign, which in the end proved futile.
It is reported that the company has now closed the store and is trying to sue the factory that made the jacket to get some money back.
Legal proceedings may take a long time to complete
Time is something the team doesn\'t have.
Apparently Heacket is heading into bankruptcy, ending the book about what used to be a very promising startup.
Indiegogo is not exposed to the latest digital trends to see if the crowdfunding platform can provide any insight into what is happening with the Heacket event.
A spokesperson for the company told us that it was looking into the situation, but as of the time of writing there was no further information to share.
In other words, they know as well as we do-a lot of money has been raised, and many disgruntled customers have little investment to show.
When asked if the client has any recourse to the organizers of the crowdfunding event, we were told that Indiegogo could refund the support provided they were requested before the event deadline
After that, the funds were released to the organizers, and Indiegogo basically had no more control over the funds.
Heacket is like this, and Heacket is ultimately very successful in terms of the amount of cash raised.
Things didn\'t start off track until the company actually tried to make and ship jackets.
Indiegogo\'s Terms of Service highlight that when supporters donate for a cause, they accept the risks associated with supporting crowdfunding activities.
There is no guarantee that any product or service will be delivered on time . . . . . . Or not guaranteed at all.
All agreements are made between supporters and event creators, and the site is only used as a platform for connecting the parties.
Indiegogo may help a project get into the market once the campaign is over, but it has no direct control or impact on the campaign creator.
In other words, the contributor is at the mercy of the campaign owner, who may or may not provide it.
The crowdfunding process is, to a large extent, a good process to allow startups to get more
Funding is needed while providing attractive benefits to supporters.
But occasionally there will be a Heacket-like event, followed by a series of unfulfilled promises.
Unfortunately, if the campaign boss doesn\'t have the funds (or the desire)
There is little to do to refund the supporters, and contributors can find themselves with a lot of cash.
This is of course the case with Heacket, as it seems unlikely that they will receive the money they promised to work hard to earn, or even a partial refund.
What is the moral of the story?
Watch out for the crowdfunding campaign you end up supporting because even a very successful crowdfunding campaign can end up in disaster.
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