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Why are there no direct file size clothes they can also play board

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
1. Why not straight file size can also play board? A: they sound the downside of seam disjoint, seam after gear case become warped, so straight shallow. The door wide and 3 the former. 5% - 4% of net hip circumference, straight gear high balls right before the door even within a wide curve is equal to the wave before long, while another side seam length is longer than before long, so long before the wave as long as add 0. 5 cm is the straight file size. In addition. Pants foreign minister minus the pants with o long. 5 cm is equal to the straight gear is also high. ( Sports clothes) 2. Pants seam building up the bulge is what reason is caused? How to solve? A: the pants sewn up house bulge caused by the following two reasons: one is the waist is fine female body size, hip and waist size difference is big, can lead to waist on both sides of the mouth caused by skimming the potential big; 2 it is skinny flares knee circumference less than feet mouth will cause coxal bulge. If the while I was playing board can sew very stitches to before translation 0. 5 to 0. 7 cm. The contour of the knee down p - 2 3 cm can avoid this situation. Sheet to ensure pants seam shape, then to adjust pants inside seam. - From rui-pu liu with the apparel pattern design principle and technology Suit, ladies make up 'the high quality of clothes in the sport's official website, here brought together many styles of clothes suit, there are spring and summer, a season, there is a dedicated outdoor, business and leisure travelers, all in all, this is where you can buy suits own sport suits. At the same time, if you not satisfied with the existing design for us, can also be customized, sports support customized sportswear, single monochromatic in more than 200 sets up the order. Tel: 020 - Relevant recommendations: 38024509 washing machines to wash a suit
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