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Why clothes off led feet outside the collar will be brought through floating loose?

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Why clothes off led feet outside the collar will be brought through floating loose? Answer: because the structure of the base after the men's clothes neck is different, if in the same way at the foot, in the women's sportswear will appear to bring outside check floating loose mouth. Here are two kinds of sports clothes off led feet. Female sportswear broken foot. The first step, the original fold of the lapel line after fall in 0. 8 cm, to bring basis points down 1 cm for attachment points brought the crural line. The second step, and then down to zero. 8 cm painting lines, for the extraction of double broken line loose, in led to fill to remove the baseline and 0. 8 cm. After removing the 0. 2 - 0. 3 cm for at the foot of the pattern. After the third step, brought the plane tilted to 0. 5 cm for collar after the center line, vertical led after the centerline, collar width below 0. 8 cm for the broken led the wide, led the crural line connected with the former point. ( T-shirt order) Men's sportswear collar contour grew up in women's clothes, dressing effect is also different. Men's sportswear led to 2 cm. So. Men's sportswear led side QingDaoLiang is bigger, meaning that brought the folding lines to turn and collar seam allowance of delta is bigger. So they took the points feet method is different. The first step is to set a = 3 cm of collar stand. Lead plane b = 3. 5 cm, lapel Angle of 20 degrees. Also in the original the lapel line down to zero. 8 - 1 cm painting line model. The second step, in the first of up to 1 cm, 0. Take 8 cm, and brought the basis points of attachment, a vertical Angle take leading flour add 0. 8 cm to 4. 3 cm after the center line of intersection and remove the collar surface modelling. Third step, will break down the line and the bottom line for the radius, draw arc points brought crural line modelling. - From Zhang Xiaochong the 'sportswear to play board troubleshooting 150' high quality sports wear suit in the sport's official website, there are 2015 summer, autumn set of the latest model, design is original design by the designer, elegant style, excellent quality, suitable for bulk purchasing team is play games ceremony sportswear brand of choice for group activities. This year summer is the lotus pond moonlight, design elements, design principle of choose lotus taking Chinese wind fashion line, fabrics choose ice silk, more cool air permeability, not close, no static, suitable for sports wear in summer. Founded in 97, and continuously improve quality, to win credibility. Relevant recommendations: pure cotton fabrics sportswear shirts wearing the most comfortable
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