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Why do we get so fired up over yoga pants?

by:Breitex      2020-06-15
What made us Westerners lose their minds in 2016, women around the world defended their right to wear yoga pants in response to a letter from the editor to her, he criticized women for wearing yoga pants in public.
Recently, a fierce competition
The ed work produced by the New York Times over the weekend dares to prove that \"yoga pants are harmful to women \".
All of this begs the question-why are we in the West so angry with this style of clothing that it does not mean that some criticism of yoga pants does not have its merits.
Now, yoga pants are a bit stupid at a serious risk of losing all readers.
In 2017 reports in The Times of India, wearing long yoga pants can pose serious health risks, including reduced blood circulation, increased risk of yeast infection and even physical acne.
In response to the New York Times, the testimony of women broke out on Twitter, most of them white, living in the West, howling angrily.
Eva Horne from Germany wrote on Twitter: \"I have always thought that smoking, lack of sleep and parental system are harmful to women . \".
She said with a blank face, \"I was wrong . \"
\"Yoga pants \".
\"Read my horoscope in yoga pants and masks, resist op-
Offered one in New York.
Hayley Macmillan\'s tweeter.
Many of these testimonies are filled with the practical benefits of the elastic yoga staple.
Kimmiekaruba, a lady, said, \"As someone who has practiced yoga for years, you think it\'s incredible that we wear yoga pants because they\'re\" sexy!
She insisted that we wear them because they allow us to operate in a way that other clothes don\'t wear. And another mentioned that the practice \"is actually hard to wear sportswear, because loose fabric will move around and if you pose and your pants slide, it will actually hurt you \".
Other reactions to this article are firmly focused on the themes of \"choice\" and \"empowerment\" feminism, which remains the ideological theme of the West.
However, perhaps nothing in all of this anger and Roar is the recognition that yoga pants were invented by the West and have nothing to do with the ancient practice of India over 5000 years of history.
Although I am not an expert, I am pretty sure that yoga pants are not mentioned in the yoga scriptures of the barguan book --
Geita returns to 500 B. C. E.
Yoga pants are a feature of the West;
A symbol of the capitalist absorption of yoga in Western countries.
They could bring social money to the middle class.
But they don\'t have.
Once history is taken into account, criticism of yoga pants does not seem to be so unreasonable.
While many yoga enthusiasts have testified on social media that they don\'t look \"sexy\" in their pants, I met some women who were scared by the clothing aesthetics that many yoga studios seem to ask.
The consequence of this is that women wearing uncomfortable skin
Wear tight pants during class.
Yes, I know women can wear whatever they want when they exercise, but how dare I do that? The belief that you need to buy certain clothes to benefit from the practice runs counter to everything yoga represents as an ancient philosophical exercise.
The essence of yoga is a kind of democratic and non-democratic yoga.
In business practice, it doesn\'t matter what you wear when you do it, nor should your body shape be a problem.
So perhaps all those who are angry with the criticism of yoga pants can humbly be the beneficiaries of an ancient tradition with a long history.
Yes, you can wear the yoga you want to wear, but yoga pants are almost not a must.
A request.
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