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why it\'s actually worth it to spend more on nice workout clothes

by:Breitex      2020-06-12
I hate spending money on fitness clothes.
On swimsuits, sunglasses, and other seemingly trivial things, I \'d willingly give up far more than I \'d like to admit, but forget about it when it comes to gym clothes.
My reason has always been, \"Why spend money on leggings and sweaty vests that no one will see?
\"Now, I am the most
I bought the leggings in the eighth grade (
No exaggeration)
My favorite sports hoodie is a free giveaway from high school, and when I was in my 80 s, my shabby gymnast belonged to my mother.
The only sportswear I bought recently is a sports bra.
But I should have told you that I bought it at Forever21 and I was too impatient to wait in line for the fitting room so it was actually too big.
My fitness suit doesn\'t look good, but it works.
I \'ve never been excited to wear them, I \'ve never had faith in them, but I don\'t know better.
Of course, working in fashion, I \'ve seen a dozen sportswear brands pop up, leggings for $100 and sports bras for $50, but I \'ve always thought they weren\'t for me.
Until my best friend dragged me into the conservative sports store-
Sportswear series created by Burch--
Forced me to try on their leggings.
The new line is one of the more expensive lines on the market, not the ones I usually spend money on.
But I was shocked at how comfortable they were, how stylish they looked and how they felt for me.
So I decided to do an experiment.
During the week I will wear beautiful sportswear to see if it will affect my workout.
I borrowed something from Tory sports and left.
The first thing I notice is that I want to exercise so that I can put on new clothes.
On average, I usually go to the gym twice a week, but with the new wardrobe, I want to go every day.
My new item fits perfectly (
It turns out that my body has changed a little since the eighth grade)
Make me more confident.
Leggings are seamless so there\'s nothing to go deep into my skin and they haven\'t looked at it either --
When I bend over
Professional, Professional Plus).
Unlike my old clothes, I can wear them in public (
Enjoy dinner or go to the grocery store).
This makes it easier for me to incorporate work into my schedule as I can go out and live my life later.
Don\'t even let me start to understand the importance of a good sports bra.
I don\'t know what I was thinking before.
Even though I\'m-
I also need support. (
For those of you who are curious, I have thrown away the No. 21 bra forever. )
While I\'m sure I won\'t be spending thousands of dollars on my fitness suit soon, I\'ll update my fitness gear more often.
Hey, I\'m doing myself a favor if it makes me more active.
Chevron leggings for Chevron Sport, $125;
Tory sports half
Zip code: $285;
Seamless Cammy bra for cosplay Sports, $65;
$199 Frends Taylor headphones;
$129, Nike Free RN Flyknit, $295;
Logo mini backpack, $195;
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