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why this body-positive instagrammer is going shirtless at yoga

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
The body-
Over the past few years, active campaigns have erupted on Instagram, where women and men share their struggles with confidence and confidencelove.
Rachel Sharkey, who recorded her journey as Babyyshark on Instagram, posted a problem that almost anyone can encounter in warm weather --
Wear less clothes when exercising.
It\'s hot because it\'s summer.
Sharkey shared with more than 4,300 of her followers that she decided not to wear a top on a sports bra during yoga practice.
\"Only wear a sports bra to yoga for the first time tonight!
\"I decided to challenge myself,\" Sharkey wrote in the title . \".
Yahoo commented on her and sharkey told us to go to her class and how she felt.
\"I was nervous at first,\" she shared . \"
\"Many people look at me strangely.
I feel bare and vulnerable.
She added: \"When I started to really get into the intense posture of exercise yoga, I found myself staring at the body in the mirror.
I fell in love with what I saw.
I really feel myself.
My skin feels free.
After class, I really feel that this is the best class I have ever had.
I felt really good and even went for groceries in leggings and sports bras.
\"Will she continue her yoga practice on her sports bra? Heck yes!
\"I don\'t think I will worry about weird looks or comments in the future,\" she said . \".
\"In the end, I feel really good. this is the most important thing! ”The body-
The positive community on Instagram has helped many people rethink how they view their bodies and others.
Sharkey explains how it helps her become comfortable on her skin.
\"Posting on Instagram really helps me a lot,\" she said . \".
\"Not only is it similar to my account in a physical positive community, but it gives me great inspiration on my own journey to help myself, and now I am helping others with visibility.
I have built awesome connections and in general, I just experienced the wonderful conversations with many people.
\"Others have stepped onto social media to demonstrate a thriving confidence, such as Jasmine Owens, a 25-year-old accounting student in Honolulu ). positive image.
Inside, Jasmine is wearing colorful bikini
The first dress he wore
Walk along shoreen with her husband Keenen.
The movement of Shaki
Bra moments don\'t look like a deal on the surface, but unfortunately events where women are ashamed of their clothes and bodies while exercising are common.
And of course there are ex-Playboy playmates Dani Mathers, who is charged with misdemeanor for brutally posting nude photos of an old woman in the locker room at the gym, with the caption \"If I can\'t see this, you can\'t see it either.
On 2016, a man wrote a letter to a local newspaper criticizing women wearing yoga pants.
This led to a group of women holding a Yoga Pants Parade at his home.
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