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why we still love the biker jacket...

by:Breitex      2020-06-19
Why do we like it so much, perhaps because they work with anything like jeans, inlaid boots, beautiful floral dresses and high heels.
Almost all major brands and shops on the commercial street have versions of leather motorcycles, and many have six styles-although black is the most popular, gray, pink, green and metal bombers on the shelves.
But what\'s the best way to wear it, the good news is that the motorcycle jacket looks great and almost everything is great, but if the full set
Rock girl-
T-shirt with slogan, skinny jeans and chunky boots
It\'s not your thing, put a motorcycle jacket on a beautiful skirt, preferably bright, which softens it.
This will make it easier to wear at different ages.
If you want, you can add the edge of a shoe or accessory with a nail detail so you don\'t lose the rock vibe.
Here are some of our favorite. . .
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