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women defend wearing yoga pants in peaceful parade

by:Breitex      2020-06-14
Hundreds of women, girls and other supporters proudly wore yoga pants and marched peacefully around Rhode Island on Sunday, as a man laughed at the cheesy costumes.
Alan Sorentino said his reply to an editor\'s letter published in the Barrington Times on Wednesday was \"malicious\" and he received a death threat.
He insisted that the letter should be humorous.
But organizers say the message is clear even if the letter from Sorrento is a joke.
\"Women are tired of the idea that we have to dress for people\'s visual fun,\" said Jamie Burke, the parade organizer . \". The so-
Organizers say the so-called yoga pants parade is not a protest against sorzanino, but is part of a larger movement that opposes the aversion of women and men to decide how women should dress.
More than 300 people
Many of them are women and young girls.
Posted on social media
An event in the affluent coastal town of Barrington, wearing yoga pants of different styles and colors.
Some people hold signs that say \"peace pants party\" and \"I have a passion for my pants \".
\"The participants also collected personal hygiene supplies for the local domestic violence organization, Sojourner House.
The marchers end with group yoga.
Sorzanino said in the letter that yoga pants are the worst thing in women\'s fashion since the miniskirt.
He believes that they belong to yoga studios and women over the age of 20 should not wear them in public. One parade-
Walker, wearing bright red yoga pants, holds a sign that says, \"I\'m 53.
To the Western Pacific Regional Office --
The letter was meant to be humorously broken from current political campaign rhetoric, and he has no real problem with yoga pants.
He said he even had a pair.
Sorrento compares death threats to swearing
He said he had received his experience as an open gay for years.
He said on the WPRO on Saturday: \"It\'s evil and intimidationAM.
\"The fact that this is considered a proper response to what I wrote in the newspaper is really disgusting.
\"On Sunday, a police detail was posted in front of sorzanino\'s house, which had a hand --
There is a written banner with the words \"free speech\" on it.
Burke said she advised participants to respect the quiet area near his home.
No one answered the phone call to sorzanino on Sunday.
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