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XiaoJian size clothes match strategy

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Such men of sportswear fabric texture, pattern and color all have no special requirements, the key is to be able to hide or downplay XiaoJian defects. For wearing a suit at the same time, XiaoJian people pay special attention to, especially suits shoulder type. Suit the shoulder type generally can be divided into four kinds: hang down shoulder, the shoulder, natural shoulder type and concave shoulder type. A dress on in store hanger or wear on the model of effect and the effect of the wear in the body may be completely different, one reason is that every man shoulder structure is not completely consistent. Some people XiaoJian, beautiful and decent clothes often feel uncomfortable. People often say, clothes to wear in the body can hold up to look good, called up one of the conditions, is to shoulder, shoulder width, XiaoJian of people can't afford to hold clothes. Especially men, broad shoulders and chest is put on the clothes of good conditions. ( Games entry suit) Concave shoulder type XiaoJian men wearing the best, followed by nature. The joint of shoulder and sleeve concave shoulder type clothes they looked up, cock can abate XiaoJian defects; Natural shoulder shoulder is a horizontal type, although not weaken the defects, or at least not negative stress effect. Type square shoulder and shoulder length, by contrast, make sportswear shoulders droop, further highlight the shoulder, exaggerated XiaoJian defects, so should be avoided. - From Lu Le the clothes wear and tie-in skill set manufacturer, founded in 1997, ten years learning advanced production technology, following the fashion trends, to produce a batch of and a batch of high quality sports wear suits, won the praise of consumers. As a professional sports wear suit custom manufacturer, has for years been engaged in sportswear, custom industry groups for countless custom made a lot of team sports clothes, in the large and small, have set figure, this is the pride of the people, also is the trust of the consumers of sportswear brand. The classification of the relevant recommendations: outdoor ski-wear, what
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