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yoga pants banned from north dakota school

by:Breitex      2020-06-14
Yoga pants are a popular fashion trend and it looks like you either like it or hate it.
The pants are so tight that some people are ugly and many even call them offensive.
A school in North Dakota decided to ban the pants in order not to distract students and staff.
Not only is it forbidden to wear yoga pants at Devil Lake High School in North Dakota, but the school also prohibits girls from wearing any tight yoga pants
Go to school and wear pants
This includes tight pants, tight jeans and leggings.
School officials say it is difficult for students and teachers to focus their attention on classroom work.
The students are not happy with the new rules, but some people understand why this is done.
According to one student, some girls wear tight jeans and yoga pants.
\"In some cases, there will be young male teachers who, of course, can\'t tell you what you\'re wearing to distract,\" said senior Mariah Fixen . \".
\"So they have to let a female teacher tell you.
\"Fixen also said that many students like to wear yoga pants and are not satisfied with the new dress code.
\"This is what everyone is wearing,\" she said of elastic trousers . \".
\"They are the whole wardrobe.
So basically what is the daily sportswear (
Really ask now.
Another student said that the new rules will make it difficult for students to find comfortable and fashionable clothes and said that some people even have to buy new clothes because of the new rules.
Other students feel that the school should pay attention to serious problems such as bullying and say that students should wear clothes they want to wear in class.
\"Especially when there are bullying and all the things they don\'t take seriously, like things online, people tweet to each other,\" senior Tyler Gilberson said . \".
\"They should pay more attention to this than yoga pants and stupid things like that.
We wear whatever we want.
\"Parents seem to agree with the students and do not understand why the school has made such a big decision.
\"Boys should be able to control themselves (and)
\"Girls should be able to wear leggings, jeans and shorts,\" said one parent . \".
\"When I was in high school, we were wearing a little more provocative than what they are wearing now.
Yoga pants are a popular fashion trend. Many people like to wear them.
Do you think it\'s right for the school to ban pants? Will more schools do the same?
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