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yoga wear startup proyog wages a quiet war against synthetics

by:Breitex      2020-06-16
Dubai-based yoga apparel startup Proyog raised an undisclosed sum of money from former Cafe Coffee Day chief executive Naresh Malhotra and Dubai general manager Ajay Malhotra
Headquartered in Vamm Capital.
The company will launch its product on Sunday, the first International Yoga Day and is also improving its first
Round of Financing about Rs. 44 crore.
Proyog said that unlike synthetic clothing from global brands, their products are made from \"natural\"
Breathable material.
\"More than the market consists of polyester and nylon products, which are basically plastic and are not conducive to Yoga practice at all,\" said Co-Malika Baruah . \"
Founder and product leader of Proyog.
Baruah co-head of design, Levi\'s Strauss, apparel
Started the company with her colleague Priyanktha Iyengar.
Sanjay Nayak, former Indian president of advertising firm McCann Erickson Worldwide, and Dave Banerjee, a serial entrepreneur, are other co-founders of the company.
\"Unfortunately, the market is dominated by players who simply pass on synthetic fitness --
Wear yoga clothes, \"said Sanjay Nayak, Proyog\'s chief executive.
The startup consulted yoga teachers and textile engineers and spent two years doing extensive research before developing clothing fabrics and styles.
It also gained insights from yoga practitioners from 11 countries.
Their findings suggest that most practitioners do not even know that they are practicing yoga in nylon and polyester clothing.
\"Indian yogis traditionally wear natural, unstitched clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose,\" said Priyanktha Iyengar . \".
\"If yoga comes from India, then the responsibility for true yoga costumes will certainly not fall into the world.
Proyog says it is the only company in the world that uses core technology
Spinning techniques in yoga costumes.
Before weaving, Laca yarn is wrapped in organic cotton to ensure that it is not close to the skin.
\"We are committed to yoga as much as Speedo, or to boxing forever,\" said Proyog co-Dave Banerjee . \"
Founder and Head of Marketing
It is estimated that more than 0. 2 billion people practice yoga around the world.
In the United States alone, the yoga apparel market is estimated to exceed $13 billion (Rs. 82,000 crore)annually.
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