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The most popular green fabric now - Sorona
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The most popular green fabric now - Sorona

We have many recycle fabrics, like DuPont fabrics and Sorona fabrics


We are listening to the market and discover a new type of sustainable fabric: Sorona was jointly developed by DuPont and Eastman.

It can be used in any clothing for daily, sports, and other occasions. Without affecting the quality and performance of the clothing, Sorona greatly reduces the impact on the environment, and the recycle green fabrics maximize environmental protection.


What special features does Sorona have?

Sorona is 37% of industrial Dent Corn, which for things such as animal feed and industrial ingredients in food and personal care products. The rest is traditional polyester. Polyester does a really good job of wicking and drying.


Sorona fiber itself is very soft. It is dyeable and can maintain the color without being wrapped by another colored fiber. It has a strong color, so there is no need to worry about the challenges of yellow dyeing and opacity. Its drying speed is almost bidirectional of spandex. Just like we did before, Sorona's stretching is mechanical, which means it can maintain a high level of stretchability, and it can resume washing after washing and wearing it.

Sorona fiber is exceptionally soft on its own. It's dyeable and capable of holding color without being wrapped in another colored fiber. It holds its color strongly, so yellow staining and challenges with opacity are no concern. It also dries nearly twice as fast as spandex . And like we talked about before, Sorona's stretch is mechanical, which means it maintains a high level of stretch and recovery wash after wash, wear after wear.


What are its characteristics so popular in the market?

It is derived from the interweaving of Naia fiber from Eastman and Sorona fiber from DuPont to garment, which has "excellent elasticity and resilience, luxurious drape, smooth and soft hand feel".


Why is Sorona more sustainable than Lycra and spandex?

Take leggings for example. Unlike the commonly used spandex (polyether-polyurea copolymer), Sorona is partly plant-based and can be recycled in any conventional polyester recycling stream. Its manufacturing process is extremely efficient and produces far fewer greenhouse gases. Spandex quickly decomposes when exposed to heat, ultraviolet rays, chlorine, and daily wear and tear, which is why you have to change your favorite leggings more frequently than usual. The soft construction allows you to stretch it, while the rigid construction allows you to pull it back . And Sorona's stretch is permanent, which means you can stretch it and it will always recover. Many things can be expanded, but continuous recovery is indeed very important.


To satisfy consumer demand, Breitex endeavors to create textiles clients can feel good about. We uses as many eco-friendly materials as possible, is OEKO-TEX certified, and carries  certificationS that shows the manufacturer conforms to GRS standards.