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GRS Certified
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GRS Certified  

Recycled, sustainable, eco-friendly

Certification makes the company an officially-confirmed supplier of sustainable fabrics, women's apparel, men's apparel and outdoor

Breitex has completed the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification process for its fabrics, apparel and outdoor manufactured. The company is therefore an officially-confirmed supplier of sustainable sportswear.

The GRS certification attestation enables the supplier to support its customers in calculating the total amount of recycled material in their apparel and in creating sustainable solutions. Breitex´s GRS-certified materials are widely used by leading global sport brands, especially in Indoor or outdoor activities like running, yoga, biking, climbing, skiing and swimming, etc, to support functional strength.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the concept of “Eco-friendly” consumers in the global market is on the rise, and the demand is on the increase. We are one of the very few technical textile suppliers manufactured in the market to recycle polyester waste from its own production processes as pre-consumer recycled polyester, thus ensuring correct recycling records and material quality. Today, all of its materials are made from post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled polyester and nylon too.


We will buy recycle yarn to GRS fabric mill to weave fabric , and then using GRS certified dying house and printed mill to make out recycled fabric. What is more, your production will be made in our GRS certified workshops. All are traceable!

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